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What we offer is our experience and patience to provide our client with the best possible solution based on the parameters. This service requires  our attention to all the trades, the fundamentals of design, and the array of tools & machinery available to complete the project on many levels.  We promote an 'arts & crafts' attitude in all our projects whereby the client, designer, craftsman, and related trades are solicited for input throughout the process.  In that sense, each acts as staff, support, and a sounding board for the other. The end result is success.

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Bill is the founder of William B. Schreitz Cabinetmaker and President of  WBS INC.  He began professional woodworking in the summer of 1968 during the first of many summer vacations while teaching math & science in private schools. In 1977 he left full-time teaching and began an apprenticeship with the John Greenwalt Lee Company. For the next three years he worked a co-op shop with established cabinetmakers John G Lee and Robert M Choissier and for another three years with the Johnson Marine Company as the lead cabinetmaker & boat carpenter. In 1983 he opened the current business in its present location which is now in the Annapolis Design District.



Jeremy Welsh, an accomplished sculptor, joined the company in 1986. He brought with him a vast background in art & design as well as his highly skilled hands.  For 15 years prior to coming to Annapolis, he supported his passion for art & sculpture as the buyer for Trover Books on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC. Jeremy is the other master cabinetmaker working with  the company.                  



Chad Levendusky came to WBS INC early in 2013 with fifteen years of cabinetry experience in all aspects of the trade, including both supervision of staff and quality control. As a master Cabinetmaker in his own right, he has complemented the tradition of fine workmanship the that company has embraced since its outset. As the new  owner of the business, now LAC, Inc, t/a William B Schreitz Cabinetmaker, Chad will continue the traditions and values that has led to the excellent response from the community at large. 


NOTE:  Over the years the shop has fluctuated between a two & four person shop, often taking on apprentices from a pool of enterprising students primarily from the nearby St. John's College.  In particular, four former WBS employees, while both developing and honing their skills as cabinetmakers, contributed greatly to the overall high reputation of the shop. They each now have their own cabinetry businesses in Maryland or nearby Virginia. All five of us enjoy the free exchange of ideas, specialty tools, and support which has always been characteristic philosophy of WBS INC.

WBS Cabinet Shop

More than just Tools 
We think of the shop itself not so much as a tool or the sum of all the tools, but actually as staff. As an employee, it is clearly the highest paid. Moreover, if  not treated with care and respect constantly, invariably some part of it ceases to function as expected. Much of the actual machinery of the shop is as old or older than we are, built in a time when the longevity of a tool was a priority, and constant care customary. Walker-Turner, Faye & Egan, and Oliver have long been a symbol of excellence and dependability and worthy companions in the shop. These tools run with high precision today.

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