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Caning Annapolis Wendi Wobbe

Wendi Wobbe/Chair Caner  Caning Annapolis

Wendi's caning business,  "Caning Annapolis", has been caning chairs for the Baltimore & Annapolis here in Maryland from the St. Margaret's Area on the Broadneck Peninsula since 1980. Wendi, not unlike her time-honored handcraft, has operated totally outside the recent electronic advances of the business world.  Consequently, she can only be reached by phone.  The beauty of that is you talk with the artisan who actually does the the work. The business phone number is:
With respect to the caning chairs, she does both French & German caning(also called blind & hole caning). She does rush work as shown above w/either cattail or fiber, as well as splint seating, Danish weave, and porch rocker weave.
Wendi's profile was published in the Maryland Capital Newspaper near the turn of the century.  The full article is reprinted HERE.
"Don't know what your chair has in it or what style of caning? Call and we will talk about it.Wendi Wobbe Annapolis Maryland

Caning Annapolis Wendi Wobbe Studio

A wall in Wendi's studio serves as the holding area for both the unfinished and finished work. It boggles the mind to see the range of her abilities in so many different aspects of caning craftwork. Clearly caning chairs has become her bailiwick.

Wendi Wobbe Clore Chair

This is a 40+ year old EA Clore Sons chair, refinished & re-caned to its original beauty.

Wendi Wobbe German Caning

This antique rocker has been beautifully restored and is a fine example of German caning, also known as hole caning.

Wobbe French Caning  Repair

This  settee, bearing a circular French caning pattern, is in the process of repair.  All that remains of the repair is to apply oil-based stain to the newly woven lengths of cane to match the existing cane. And voila!


1628 Saint Margaret's Road

Annapolis, MD 21409


Caning Annapolis is one of several stellar organizations recommended by:
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