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Audio Visual System Integration   

338 River Road
PO Box 9771
Arnold MD 21012

We recognize that technology should not be a distraction, and we strive to build systems that are easy to use.  Our focus is to create a system that allows you to channel your energy on the business at hand.  Your audio visual system should first meet your basic needs, and secondly allow for your growth. Digital Media Group is uniquely qualified to design the right audio visual solution for you.


  • We are hardwired to the pulse of the advancing technologies.
  • We are experienced in needs analysis.
  • We have a commitment to excellence.


Digital Media Group is keenly aware of the provisions necessary to accommodate both the growth of your future needs and the advancing electronics industry itself.  Because technology in this field is moving so rapidly, saving money in the long run is a misnomer. The benefits of planning ahead are realized in the short run. An essential part of planning ahead is knowing not only what is currently available but also what is on the drawing boards in the industry for the months ahead. Al Bishara President

Al Bishara 's direct line: 410-279-5504

Serving the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area, Digital Media Group has become a leading specialist in the field of custom audio/visual systems integration in maritime, commercial & residential settings.